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Sofer, pl. sofrim (soh-fayr,sohf-reem, sohf-roht) — lit., Scribe; highly trained religious Jewish male who writes text on parchment scrolls for mezuzot, tefilin, and Torah
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Sofer: Non-Observant Jew
A non- shomer Shabbat Jew may not be a sofer.
Sofer: Woman
A woman may not be a sofer. Even though women are obligated in the...
Women: Sofer
Women: Sofer
For Women and Sofer , see Sofer: Woman .
Introduction to Mezuza
Introduction to Mezuza
A mezuza (pl., mezuzot ) is a small, sofer -inscribed parchment...
Tefilin: Checking
Tefilin: Checking: When
It is customary to check tefilin twice in each seven year...
Chol HaMoed: Expert Work
Chol HaMoed: No Expert Work
You may not do “expert” or “professional” work...

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