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Siyum (see-yoom) — lit., Completion; celebration of finishing the study of mishnayot or part of Torah, Talmud, etc.
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A siyum can be held anytime a book of Torah or Talmud or any other...
Introduction to Mourning
Introduction to Mourning
Who Is a Mourner A mourner is defined in halacha as someone...
Year of Mourning: Public Festivities
Public Festivities for Mourner for Parent
A mourner may not generally enter a hall of joyous celebration and...
Burial: Kaddish
Burial: Kaddish: Version of Kaddish
Kaddish is recited near the grave but at least 4 amot (7 feet)...
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days The purpose of Jewish fast days is to...
First Nine Days of Av
Nine Days: Restrictions
Restrictions during the Nine Days before Tish’a b’Av...
Women: What To Study
Women: Studying Talmud
Women are not prohibited from learning Talmud, but men should not teach...

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