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Shomer, f. shomeret (shoh-mayr,shoh-meh-reht) — Guard
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Kashrut: Food Served by Shomer Shabbat Jew
Kashrut: Food Served by Shomer Shabbat Jew
You may trust that the food a shomer Shabbat Jew serves is kosher...
Wedding Customs (These are NOT halachot!)
Wedding Customs: Wedding Shomer
The groom and bride each have a guardian ( shomer / shomeret ) with them...
Kaddish: How Long To Say
Kaddish: How Long To Say: Shomer Shabbat or Not
Kaddish is only said for 11 months for a shomer Shabbat Jew and 12...
With Whom To Pray: Who May Be Counted in a Quorum (Minyan)
Non-Shomer Shabbat Jew Counted in Minyan
A non- shomer Shabbat Jew may be counted as part of a minyan .  
In the Presence of the Body
Shomer for Several Days
When a person dies on Shabbat or a Jewish festival , a watcher (...
In the Presence of the Body
Shomer To Honor Dead Person
A “watcher” ( shomer ) should stay with a dead body at all...
In the Presence of the Body
Woman Shomeret
A woman may be a watcher ( shomeret) for a dead person. Note...
Stockholder in Business that Violates Torah Law
You may be a minority owner or shareholder in a business that violates...
Brit Mila: Who Should Perform
Brit Mila: Who Should Perform: Preference
A father should circumcise his male children (if he knows how to do to...
Checking Jewish Lineage
If there may be any question about the Jewish lineage of a...
Minyan: Amen: When To Say
Don't Answer Amen within 2.5 Seconds
Don’t answer amen if you finish a prayer or blessing within 2.5...
Introduction to Shabbat
Goal of Creation
Shabbat was the goal of Creation. Just as God completed the...
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Categories of Batel /Nullification Categories of nullification of...
SIDDUR GUIDE: How To Pray in Synagogue
Introduction to How To Pray in Synagogue
The synagogue ( shul ) prayer service may confuse the unfamiliar....
Derogatory Speech (Lashon HaRa)
Introduction to Lashon HaRa
Lashon ha’ra is saying (or communicating in any way--even...
Introduction to Mezuza
Introduction to Mezuza
A mezuza (pl., mezuzot ) is a small, sofer -inscribed parchment...
Introduction to Weddings and Marriage
Introduction to Weddings and Marriage
The purpose of the  rabbi  at a wedding is to ensure...
Wedding: Witnesses
Jewish Wedding: Witnesses: Four Pairs
A Jewish wedding requires four pairs of witnesses, but the same...
Kaddish: For Whom To Say
Kaddish for Relatives Other than Parents
If you wish, you may say mourner’s kaddish for family members...
Kashrut: Uncooked Grape Juice/Wine
Kashrut: Open, Uncooked Wine: From When May a Non-Observant Person Not Handle?
A non-Jew or non- shomer Shabbat Jew may not handle wine (or...
Pre-Yom Kippur: Nullifying Vows (Hatarat Nedarim )
Nullifying Vows (Hatarat Nedarim)
Hatarat nedarim (nullification of vows) should be done before Rosh...
Peace in the Home (Shalom Bayit)
Shalom Bayit: Non-Observant Parents and In-Laws
Ba'alei teshuva often have problems with issues of kashrut...
Sofer: Non-Observant Jew
A non- shomer Shabbat Jew may not be a sofer.
Honoring the Elderly
Standing for the Elderly
You do not need to stand up for old people (as a form of honoring them)...
Kashrut: Wine Supervision
When No Wine Mashgiach Needed
No mashgiach is needed if: The owner of wine production and...

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