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Shinu'i (shee-nooy) — lit., Change; deviation in the normal way to perform an action, which changes the action from possibly being a violation of a Torah law to a lesser violation or not a violation at all
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Introduction to Jewish Festivals: Food Preparation
Introduction to Jewish Festivals and Food Preparation
Food preparation forbidden on Jewish festivals includes these...
Using God's Name in Vain: Writing
Erasing God's Name: Physical Media
You may not erase a name of God that is written in chalk or other...
Halachic Decisions (Psak): Mitigating Circumstances
Human Dignity (Kavod HaBriot)
Although human dignity ( kavod ha’briot ) cannot override Torah...
Shabbat: Grinding (Tochein)
Grinding on Shabbat: Avocadoes
You may crush or squash an avocado (such as when making guacamole) on...
Shabbat: Grinding (Tochein)
Grinding on Shabbat: Eggs
You may pulverize a cooked egg (such as a hard-boiled egg) on Shabbat...
Shabbat: Selecting/Boreir
Introduction to Shabbat and Selecting/Boreir
Selecting Good from Bad and Bad from Good Boreir Principle #1 : You...
Jewish Festivals: Electricity
Jewish Festivals: Turning Off Electrical Devices
You may not turn off or disconnect an operating electrical device...
Shabbat: Electricity/Electrical Devices
Shabbat: Electricity/Electrical Devices: Turning Off
You may not turn off or disconnect an operating electrical device (such...
Shabbat: Lights
Shabbat: Moving Lighting Fixture
You may slide a lamp or other light fixture to where you need the light...
Shabbat: Lights
Shabbat: Redirecting Lighting Fixture
You may redirect a light fixture on Shabbat, but only by moving it...
Introduction to Jewish Festivals: Medicines
Introduction to Jewish Festivals: Medicines
Jewish Festivals: Medicines: When To Take Medicine generally may not...
Chol HaMoed: Expert Work
Chol HaMoed: No Expert Work
You may not do “expert” or “professional” work...
Shabbat: IDL and Region of Safek/Doubt
Introduction to Shabbat, IDL, and Region of Safek/Doubt
The International Dateline (IDL), which is 180 degrees away from...
Shabbat: Creams and Oils
Shabbat: Squeezing, Dabbing, and Smearing Medicinal Creams
You may squeeze a tube of cream on Shabbat, but you might not be able...
Introduction: Shabbat: Muktza
Muktza by Hand
Muktza (“set aside” in one’s mind) is an item that...

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