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Sheva brachot (sheh-vah brah-choht) — lit., Seven blessings; set of seven blessings said before the bride and groom during a wedding and for six days afterwards
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Sheva Brachot
How Many Present at Sheva Brachot
To be able to say the special blessings after a festive  sheva...
Sheva Brachot
Introduction to Sheva Brachot
At the end of the wedding meal, the seven blessings ( sheva...
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: Order of Blessings
The order of blessings is the same every time sheva brachot...
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: Over Which Cups To Bless
Birkat ha'mazon is made on one cup of wine at...
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: Who Drinks
Under the chuppa , the groom and bride drink the wine....
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: Mixing the Cups
After the blessings have been said: Pour some...
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: What To Eat in order To Bless
A man saying any of the seven blessings does not need to have eaten...
Sheva Brachot
Sheva Brachot: When to Bless
At any meal with bread that was made to honor the bride and groom...
Introduction to Mourning
Introduction to Mourning
Who Is a Mourner A mourner is defined in halacha as someone...
Havdala: Beverage
Which Havdala Beverage
Wine or grape juice is the preferred beverage for havdala, but any...
Nida/Taharat HaMishpacha
Four Most Common Nida Questions
  What Makes a Woman a Nida  ...
With Whom To Pray: Which Prayers Require a Quorum (Minyan)
Prayers that Require a Minyan
Although it is preferable to join a minyan whenever possible, prayer...
Se'uda Shlishit: Birkat HaMazon
Wine from Se'uda Shlishit Birkat HaMazon
If you recite birkat ha’mazon after se’uda shlishit...

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