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Shel yad (shehl yahd) — lit., Of the arm; refers to arm tefilin
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Tefilin: Storing
Tefilin: Storing: How To Put Away
Put tefilin into its bag so that the knot on the arm tefila (...
Tefilin: Holiness: Tefilin Boxes
Tefilin: Holiness: Head and Arm Tefilin Boxes
The box for holding the head tefila ( tefila shel rosh ) has a...
Tefilin: Holiness: Tefilin Boxes
Tefilin: Holiness: Switching Boxes by Mistake
If you inadvertently put the arm tefila ( tefila shel yad) into...
Tefilin: Replacing
Tefilin: Replacing: Tefilin You Had To Take Off or That Fell Off
If you take off your tefilin because you have to, such as to go to the...

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