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Shamash (shah-mahsh) — lit., Servant; candle from which the other 8 Chanuka candles are lit; also, someone who takes care of synagogue needs; also, one of the tzitzit strings
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Chanuka: Candles: How Many To Light
Chanuka: Candles: One Shamash per Area
You only need one service ( shamash) candle for any amount of Chanuka...
Tzitzit: What To Wear
Tzitzit: Shamash
The purpose of a shamash on tzitzit is to have a string long enough...
Chanuka: Candles: What To Light
Chanuka: Candles: What To Light: Menora Shape
All eight candle holders of a chanuka menora must be on the...
Chanuka: Candles: What You May Do While…
Chanuka: Candles: Do Not Use Light
You may not use light from Chanuka candles for any purpose (do not...
Chanuka: Candles: How To Light
Chanuka Candles: Light Left to Right; Add Right to Left
Light Chanuka candles from left to right, as you face it, not as it...

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