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Batel ba'shishim (bah-tehl bah-shee-sheem) — lit., Nullified in 60; a problematic food's being nullified by constituting less than 1/60th of the total volume and, functionally, means that no taste remains from the original substance
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Taste (Ta'am) Transfer: Spicy/Charif: Mixtures
Taste (Ta'am) Transfer: Spicy/Charif: Mixtures: Batel BaShishim
Spicy/ charif food may become nullfiable ( batel ba'shishim ),...
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Introduction to Food Nullification: Foods
Categories of Batel /Nullification Categories of nullification of...
Kashrut: Fish/Meat
Kashrut and Worcestershire Sauce
You may use and eat Worcestershire sauce on meat if the fish component...

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