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Se'uda shlishit (sih-oo-dah shlee-shleet) — lit., Third meal; third meal on Shabbat
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Se'uda Shlishit: What To Eat
What To Eat for Se'uda Shlishit
Ideally, fulfill the commandment of a third meal ( se’uda...
Se'uda Shlishit: When To Eat
Eating Se'uda Shlishit before Mincha
If you will not have time to start se’uda shlishit after...
Se'uda Shlishit: Who Must Eat
Who Must Eat Se'uda Shlishit
Women, as well as men, are required to eat se’uda shlishit.
Se'uda Shlishit: Birkat HaMazon
Wine from Se'uda Shlishit Birkat HaMazon
If you recite birkat ha’mazon after se’uda shlishit...
Se'uda Shlishit: When To Eat
When To Eat Se'uda Shlishit with Bread
The ideal is to wash hands and say  ha'motzi  for ...
Se'uda Shlishit: When To Eat
When To Eat Se'uda Shlishit without Bread
If you are eating a snack without bread, you must finish eating and...
Eating before Havdala
Birkat HaMazon Additions for Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh Saturday Night
Situation Rosh Chodesh begins on Saturday night. You started...
Eating before Havdala
Eating/Drinking before Havdala
You should not eat or drink from sunset (or from the time you finish...
Saying Baruch HaMavdil
Baruch HaMavdil... and Birkat HaMazon at Third Meal
Situation You washed your hands, said  ha’motzi,...
Jewish Festivals: Eruv Tavshilin
Jewish Festivals: Eating Eruv Tavshilin Food
You are not required to eat food set aside for an eruv tavshilin ,...
Havdala: Beverage
Which Havdala Beverage
Wine or grape juice is the preferred beverage for havdala, but any...
Shabbat: Two Loaves (Lechem Mishneh): Why Two Loaves
Shabbat: Two Loaves: Double Portion
The two loaves of bread on Shabbat reminds us of the double portion of...
Se'uda Shlishit: When To Eat
Latest Time You May Eat on Shabbat
If you finished eating (and saying birkat ha’mazon / bracha...

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