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Se'uda mafseket (sih-oo-dah mahf-seh-keht) — lit., Concluding meal; last meal before Tish'a B'Av and Yom Kippur
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Pre-Yom Kippur: Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
Meaning of pre-Yom Kippur Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
We eat a festive meal for the final meal before Yom Kippur to...
Pre-Yom Kippur: Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
Challa Dipped in Honey for pre-Yom Kippur Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
Eating challa dipped in honey is a non-binding custom for the pre-...
Pre-Yom Kippur: Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
Mezuman/Minyan at pre-Yom Kippur Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
A mezuman or minyan is permitted at the pre- Yom Kippur meal...
Pre-Yom Kippur: Meal (Se'uda HaMafseket)
Pre-Yom Kippur Meal: Shir HaMa'alot
Shir ha’ma’alot should be said before birkat...
Tish’a B’Av
Tish'a B'Av: Pre-Fast Meal
You may say birkat ha’mazon with a mezuman or with a minyan...

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