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Schach (schahch) — Covering for a sukka
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Sukka: Schach
Sukka: Schach: Gap
Sukka: Schach: Gap: What Invalidates A gap in schach of 10.5...
Sukka: Schach
Sukka: Schach: Materials
Non- Kli You may not use a kli for sukka schach...
Sukka: Schach
Sukka: Schach: Normal Wind (Ru'ach Metzuya)
Ru’ach metzuya is defined as a normal wind for each location...
Sukka: Schach
Sukka: Schach: Timing
Sukka: Schach: Timing: Within 30 Days You must put schach on your sukka...
Sukka: Dimensions
Sukka: Dimensions: Minimum/Maximum
A sukka must have at least three walls, but one of those...
Sukka: Overhangs
Sukka: Overhangs: Wood Structures
You may not normally use a sukka that has any wood structure such as a...
Sukka: Car
How To Make a Car into a Sukka
To make a car into a sukka: Open two doors on the same side...

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