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Safek (sah-fayk) — Doubt in some determination of reality as it affects an application of Jewish law
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Halachic Decisions (Psak): Doubt (Safek)
Defining Doubt (Safek) in Halachic Decision
Doubt in halacha (safek ) refers to when it is impossible to know or...
Shabbat: IDL and Region of Safek/Doubt
Introduction to Shabbat, IDL, and Region of Safek/Doubt
The International Dateline (IDL), which is 180 degrees away from...
Al HaMichya: Doubt
Al HaMichya: Doubt If 72 Minutes Have Passed
Situation You ate some mezonot. It might be more than 72 minutes...
How To Prepare Food in a Non-Kosher Kitchen
How to Prepare Food in a Non-Kosher Kitchen
BAKING IN NON-KOSHER OVEN An oven that has not been used...
Jewish Festival: International Dateline
Jewish Festival: Dateline Considerations
If unsure which day to start the Jewish festival because you are...
Tefilin: How To Put On
Head Tefila: How To Put On
Place the tefila on your head tightly enough so it does not...
Introduction to Food Nullification: Utensils (Kashering)
Introduction to Food Nullification: Utensils (Kashering)
Food Nullification in Utensils: Torah-Law and Rabbinic Decree By...

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