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Reishit (ray-sheet) — lit., First; the first, given to cohanim; applies to first-born male Jews, Jewish-owned kosher domestic male mammals, first-born Jewish owned male donkeys, a portion of dough, a portion of wool, and yearly first fruits
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Introduction to Firsts (Reishit)
Introduction to Firsts (Reishit)
Jews thank God for His blessings by giving Him the “first” (...
Introduction to Agriculture
Introduction to Agriculture
All of the Jewish festival holidays had an agricultural element to them....
Blessings: Comets
Blessings: Comets: How Often
Say oseh ma’aseh v’reishit only once per comet.
Blessings: Earthquakes
Blessings: Earthquakes: Cycle of Earthquakes
Say she’kocho u’gvurato malei olam or oseh...
Blessings: Meteors
Blessings: Meteors: How Often
Say oseh ma’aseh v’reishit once per night .
Blessings: Mountains
Blessings: Mountains Renown for Their Height
Say oseh ma’aseh v’reishit once per month on mountains,...
Blessings: Storms
Blessings: Lightning
Start saying the blessing oseh ma’aseh v’reishit within...
Blessings: Storms
Blessings: Thunder/Lightning: How Often
Say she’kocho u’gvurato malei olam (on thunder) and...
Blessings: Storms
Blessings: Thunder/Lightning: Which First
Always say she’kocho u’gvurato malei olam (on...

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