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Refu'a (reh-foo-ah) — Healing
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Jewish Festivals: Exercise
Jewish Festivals: Strengthening
You may not exercise on Jewish festivals to strengthen your body....
Shabbat: Exercise
Shabbat: Strengthening Exercise
You may not exercise on Shabbat to strengthen your body. You may...
Shabbat: Sunscreen
Shabbat: Sunscreens
To use a fluid on skin on Shabbat , even sunscreen that may be needed...
Honoring Parents: Names
Honoring Parents: Names: Saying Your Parents' Names
Children should not normally call their parents by name, nor say their...
Shabbat: Creams and Oils
Shabbat: Massage Oils
You may rub olive oil, almond oil, and other massage oils onto your skin...

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