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Ra'oi l'achilat kelev (rah-ooy l'ah-chee-laht keh-lev) — lit., Fit for eating by a dog; food a dog would eat
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Kashrut: Terms
Nifsal MeiAchilat Kelev
Nifsal mei’achilat kelev means not fit for a dog to eat. Since...
Motzi/Matza: Blessings
How To Do Motzi and Matza
The seder leader says the blessing “ ha’motzi ”...
Maror: Eat Bitter Vegetable
Maror: How To Eat It
Say the blessing “ al achilat maror .” Dip the maror...
Motzi/Matza: Blessings
Why Two Blessings over Matza
We say two blessings over the matza : ha’motzi lechem min...

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