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Purim (poor-eem) — lit., Lots; minor holiday celebrating the overturning of a decree in ancient Persia that would have resulted in the death of the Jews
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Introduction to Purim
Introduction to Purim
Purim commemorates the saving of the Jews in the Persian Empire from...
Purim: Commandments
Purim: Commandments
There are four mitzvot for Purim : 1. Shala ch Manot...
When Shiv’a Resumes
When Shiv'a Resumes: Purim
Shiva is interrupted for Purim and resumes (except on...
Introduction to Chanuka
Introduction to Chanuka
Chanuka commemorates the miracle of God's saving the Jews during...
Introduction to Mourning
Introduction to Mourning
Who Is a Mourner A mourner is defined in halacha as someone...
Purim: Ad Dlo Yada
Getting Drunk Ad Dlo Yada
The idea of getting drunk ad dlo yada is that, even when optimal...
Year of Mourning: Mourners Leading a Minyan
Mourners Leading a Minyan
The dead person benefits if his/her son or sons lead...
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom: General Rules Charity: Family First...
Shacharit: Tachanun: When Not To Say
Tachanun is related to judgment. Tachanun is NOT said at times of...
Remembering Amaleik
All Jews, both men and women, must fulfill the commandment to remember...
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days The purpose of Jewish fast days is to...
Women: Time-Based Positive Commandments (Mitzvot): Obligations
Women: Time-Based Positive Commandments/Mitzvot: Obligations
In addition to prayer obligations (see Women: Minimal Prayer ), women...

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