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Psukim (psoo-keem) — Lines or phrases from the Torah or other holy Jewish texts
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Tefilat HaDerech: What To Say
Tefilat HaDerech: What To Say: Phrases (Psukim)
After saying the main blessing of tefilat ha’derech , some...
Certain lines from the Torah ( psukim) are said during the...
Tum'a: Bathroom
Music in the Bathroom
You should not listen to Jewish music containing lines from the Torah...
Blessings: Doubt (Safek) Whether You Said
If Doubt Whether You Said Blessings on Torah Study
If you are not certain that you have said any of the morning blessings...
Kiddush Levana: When To Say
Kiddush Levana: When To Say: Shabbat
You may say kiddush levana on Shabbat, if needed ....
Kiddush Levana: What To Say
Kiddush Levana: Minimum Blessing
The minimum you may say of kiddush levana and fulfill the mitzva...
SIDDUR GUIDE: How To Pray in Synagogue
Introduction to How To Pray in Synagogue
The synagogue ( shul ) prayer service may confuse the unfamiliar....
Holy Books: Definition
Holy Books: Definition
A Jewish holy book is any book that contains: God’s...
Sheimot: How To Dispose of
Sheimot: Disposal
These holy writings ( tashmishei kedusha ) may not be thrown directly...

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