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Psik reisha d'la nicha lei (pseek ray-shah dih-lah nay-chah lay) — lit., Cut off its head and it does not die?; immediate and inevitable consequence of an action; unintended action that will cause a violation of a halacha but from which you receive no benefit
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Commandments (Mitzvot)
Unintentional Violation; Receive No Benefit (Psik Reisha...)
Psik reisha d'la nicha lei ( halacha whose violation you...
Introduction to Holidays/Jewish Festivals
Introduction to Holidays/Jewish Festivals/Chagim/Yom Tov
Jewish Festivals are listed in the Torah and are of two types: ...
Shabbat: Dragging
Shabbat and Dragging Heavy Objects
You may drag heavy objects over soil on Shabbat, but only if:...
Shabbat: Pumps
Shabbat: Well Water
You may use water from a pump-operated well on Shabbat (as on Jewish...
Shabbat: Room Sensors
Shabbat: Walking into Room with Motion Detector
Do not walk into a room on Shabbat that has a motion detector that...
Shabbat: IDL and Region of Safek/Doubt
Introduction to Shabbat, IDL, and Region of Safek/Doubt
The International Dateline (IDL), which is 180 degrees away from...

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