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Motzi (moh-tzee) — lit., Bringing out; seventh step of Passover seder
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Motzi/Matza: Blessings
How To Do Motzi and Matza
The seder leader says the blessing “ ha’motzi ”...
Introduction to Shabbat: Meals
Introduction to Shabbat: Meals
Three Shabbat Meals We are required to eat three Shabbat meals, as...
Fore-Blessing: Bread-Like Foods
Fore-Blessing: Bread or Mezonot
To be halachically considered “bread,” the item must have...
Derogatory Speech (Lashon HaRa)
Introduction to Lashon HaRa
Lashon ha’ra is saying (or communicating in any way--even...
Seder: Three Matzas
Introduction to Three Matzas (Matzot)
The seder table also has a stack of three matzas ( matzot ),...
Seder: Steps
The 15 Steps in the Seder
Kadeish U'rchatz Karpas Yachatz Magid...
HaMotzi: Interrupted Meal/Hesech Da'at
Washing Your Hands for Interrupted Meal
Situation You said ha’motzi , ate any amount of bread,...
Jewish Festivals: Evening Kiddush
Jewish Festivals: Evening Kiddush
To fulfill the two requirements for Jewish festival evening kiddush...
Seder: Practices: Halachot
Leaning to the Left
Every male (13 years old and above) at the seder is required by...
Jewish Festivals: Two Loaves (Lechem Mishneh): How To Wash and Bless
How To Wash for HaMotzi
To view all halachot related to washing for ha'motzi, see HaMotzi:...
Matza: What Kind
When Shmura Matza Is Necessary
The only time you must use shmura matza is for the four commandments...
Matza: How Much
How Much Matza To Eat
Motzi, Matza For motzi and matza together, you must eat at...
Motzi/Matza: Blessings
Why Two Blessings over Matza
We say two blessings over the matza : ha’motzi lechem min...
Se'uda Shlishit: When To Eat
When To Eat Se'uda Shlishit with Bread
The ideal is to wash hands and say  ha'motzi  for ...
Fore-Blessing: Which Grains: Non-Five Grains: Mezonot/Non-Mezonot Combinations
Fore-Blessing: Which Grains: Mezonot/Non-Mezonot Combinations: Turkey with Bread Stuffing
Situation You will eat bread stuffing with turkey. The bread...

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