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Tehilim (tih-hee-leem) — Selections from (or entire) Book of Psalms, frequently recited as petitions for health, children, marriage partner, etc.
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Concluding Tehilim with Yehi Ratzon of Refa'einu
If you say Psalms/ tehilim for a sick person, you should conclude with...
Tehilim Additions to Regular Prayers
Rabbi s may have their congregations add Psalms/ tehilim or other...
Value of Saying Tehilim
The main value of saying tehilim is not in saying the tehilim...
When To Say Tehilim
Both genders may say tehilim at night without restriction on which...
What To Pray: Praying for Sick Person
Yehi Ratzon of Refa'einu for a Sick Person
To pray for a sick person, say the yehi ratzon inserted into the...
Women: What To Study
Women: Torah or Tehillim
 If a woman can either study Torah or say Tehilim (Psalms;...

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