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Tachanun (tah-chah-noon) — Set of supplicatory prayers after the amida
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Shacharit: Tachanun: How To Say
See the Tachanun Section in How To Pray in Synagogue .
Shacharit: Tachanun: When Not To Say
Tachanun is related to judgment. Tachanun is NOT said at times of...
Isru Chag
Isru Chag: Tachanun and Eulogies
Do not say tachanun or give eulogies on isru chag (day after a...
Set Prayers: Mincha
Mincha: Tachanun
If the minyan gets to tachanun after sunset, say tachanun until up...
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Here is a typical order of waking/morning prayers for weekdays (many...
Pesach Sheni
Significance of Pesach Sheini
Only significance of Pesach Sheini now: No tachanun is said.
Burial: Specifics
The pall-bearers usually pause seven times on their walk to the...
Burial: Kaddish
Burial: Kaddish: Version of Kaddish
Kaddish is recited near the grave but at least 4 amot (7 feet)...
SIDDUR GUIDE: How To Pray in Synagogue
Introduction to How To Pray in Synagogue
The synagogue ( shul ) prayer service may confuse the unfamiliar....
Women: Time-Based Positive Commandments (Mitzvot): Obligations
Women: Time-Based Positive Mitzva Obligations
Although women and girls are generally exempt from time-dependent...

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