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Tzom Gedalia — lit., Fast of Gedalia; third day of Jewish month of Tishrei; commemorates murder of the last Jewish governor of the Jewish remnant in Israel after the exile to Babylon
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Avinu Malkeinu
Avinu Malkeinu on Tzom Gedalia
On Tzom Gedalia , in avinu malkeinu , say katveinu (not...
Fast Days: Prayers
Tzom Gedalia: Katveinu
On Tzom Gedalia, when saying avinu malkeinu , say " katveinu...
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days
Introduction to Fast Days The purpose of Jewish fast days is to...
Fast Days: When They Start
Fasts that Start 72 Minutes before Sunrise
All fasts start 72 minutes (normal time) before sunrise except for the...
Fast Days: Eating
Fast Days: Health Difficulties
You may eat or drink as necessary on the fasts of the Tenth of Tevet...

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