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Three-Times Method — Washing hands with a cup alternating hands three times on each side.
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Three-Times Method: When To Wash
When To Use the Three-Times Method
Use the Three-Times Method to wash hands from tum’a...
Three-Times Method: How To Wash
How To Wash Hands Using the Three-Times Method
To wash hands the Three-Times Method : Fill the washing...
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Introduction to Morning Prayers/Shacharit (Weekday): Order of Prayers
Here is a typical order of waking/morning prayers for weekdays (many...
Tum'a: Non-Jews
Tum'a: Non-Jews
Non-Jews do not have ritual impurity ( tum’a ) the way Jews do....
Tum'a: Sleeping
Tum'a: Sleeping more than 30 Minutes
After waking from sleeping more than 30 minutes, don’t touch your...
Burial: Leaving
"Three-Times" Hand Washing
After leaving the cemetery, wash hands using the Three-Times Method...
Introduction to Tahara/Tum'a
Introduction to Tahara/Tum'a
The Torah commands us to be kedoshim (holy, or set apart), requiring...
After-Blessings (Bracha Achrona): Time Limits and Falling Asleep
After-Blessings (Bracha Achrona): Falling Asleep for more than 30 Minutes
If you fell asleep for more than 30 minutes in the middle of a meal:...

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