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Tefach, pl. tefachim (teh-fahch,tfah-cheem) — Measurement of top to bottom of fist; 4 fingers’ width; about 3-4 inches
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Sukka: Dimensions
Sukka: Dimensions: Minimum/Maximum
A sukka must have at least three walls, but one of those...
1 Tefach = 4 fingers’ width = 3 ½” (8 cm) to...
Introduction to Eruvs
Introduction to Eruvs
An eruv forms a boundary around an area of land in order to create a...
Nida/Taharat HaMishpacha
Four Most Common Nida Questions
  What Makes a Woman a Nida  ...
Attire: Married Women: Head Covering (Kisuy Rosh)
Attire: Married Women: Hair-Covering Guidelines
Married women should cover their hair when they leave their “...
Sukka: Overhangs
Sukka: Overhangs: Balconies
A sukka built under a balcony, even if the balcony is many...
Mezuza: Placement
Mezuza: Placement
Mezuza: Placement: Door Frame Place the mezuza outside the door...
Eruv Border: Bushes
Bushes as Eruv Border
Bushes may be a border if they are: So dense that a cat...

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