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Bet din (bayt-deen) — lit., House of judgment (or House of Jewish law); group of (usually) three rabbis who judge Jewish legal cases (effectively, a Jewish law court) or preside over someone's conversion to Judaism
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Bet Din
A bet din (religious Jewish men constituting a court of Jewish law)...
Shmita: Fruit
Shmita: Fruit: Otzar Bet Din
Situation You may not sell shmita fruit in the normal manner....
Women: Bet Din
Women as Members of Bet Din
Women may not be members of a bet din .
Derogatory Speech (Lashon HaRa)
Introduction to Lashon HaRa
Lashon ha’ra is saying (or communicating in any way--even...
Shmita: Fruit
Shmita: Canned Fruit from Eretz Yisrael
You may not buy canned fruit or other produce from Eretz Yisrael...
Shmita: Wine
Buying and Using Shmita Wine
You may not buy wine from grapes grown in Eretz Yisrael during a...

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