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Yichud (yee-chood) — lit., Together; laws that prescribe when men and women may be with each other, if no one else is present; also, after Jewish marriage ceremony, when bride and groom enter a closed room together, symbolizing their new home
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Preparation for Doing Mitzvot
VaYehi Noam, L'Shem Yichud, Yehi Ratzon
You do not need to say  Va'yehi noam ,  L'Shem...
Wedding: Yichud Room
Yichud Room
The couple goes to the yichud room. The witnesses must make sure that...
When Yichud Applies
The general rule for yichud is that a man and a woman who is not his...
Women: Non-Intimate Contact and Yichud
Women: Non-Intimate Contact/Yichud
For women and non-intimate contact, see Contact (Negia) .  ...
Wedding: Witnesses
Jewish Wedding: Witnesses: Four Pairs
A Jewish wedding requires four pairs of witnesses, but the same...

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