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Yahrzeit (yahr-tzyt) — candle-Candle lit to remember a dead person and elevate their soul. Lit on the anniversary of the person's death and also on certain holidays. Burns for more than 24 hours
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Jewish Festivals: Yahrzeit Candle
Jewish Festivals: Yahrzeit Candle
Some people have the custom of lighting a yahrzeit candle for a...
Yarhzeit: Candle: Day of Yahrzeit
Yahrzeit: Candle: Day of Yahrzeit
Lighting a yahrzeit candle on the yahrzeit of a parent is a...
Yahrzeit: Candle: How Many Candles
Yahrzeit: Candle: How Many Candles: One per Household
For a deceased parent on a  yahrzeit  or ...
Yahrzeit: Candle: How Many Candles
Yahrzeit: Candle: How Many Candles: Yahrzeit and Yizkor
One candle is lit on the yahrzeit /anniversary of the date a parent...
Yarhzeit: Date
Yahrzeit: Timing
If the person was buried before the passage of two sunsets after death:...
Yahrzeit: Fasting
Fasting on Yahrzeit of Parents
It is a good custom (but not halacha ) to fast on the yahrzeit of...
Pre-Yom Kippur: Yahrzeit Candle
Pre-Yom Kippur: Yahrzeit Candle
On Yom Kippur , it is a universal custom to light one candle if one...
Jewish Festivals: Existing Flame
Jewish Festivals: Cooking from an Existing Flame
You may cook food on all Jewish festivals (except Yom Kippur or...
With Whom To Pray: Minyan Etiquette: Priority
Priority of Synagogue Members
In leading the prayers, members of a synagogue have priority over ANY...

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