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Tzeit ha'kochavim (tzayt ha-koh-cha-veem) — lit., Going out of the stars; when three medium-sized stars are visible; marks when one Jewish day is over; 36 to 72 minutes after sunset, depending on the opinion, purpose, and location
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When Shabbat Ends/Motza'ei Shabbat
Shabbat Ends at Dark
You may not end Shabbat before dark (appearance of three medium-size...
Shabbat: Candles: Where To Light
Shabbat: Candles: Lighting at Dinner Location
Light Shabbat candles wherever you will eat dinner. Note If...
Jewish Festivals: Transportation
Non-Jew Driven Vehicle before Dark Starting Jewish Festival
You may continue riding in a car or taxi driven by a non-Jew between...
Jewish Festivals: Candles: Where To Light
Jewish Festivals: Candles: Dinner Location
As on Shabbat , light Jewish festival candles wherever you will eat...
Jewish Festivals: Ending: Before Havdala
Jewish Festivals: Ending: Before Havdala: Baruch HaMavdil
Say baruch ha’mavdil bein kodesh l’chol (without saying...
Prayer Times
Individual Prayer Times
Plag HaMincha : 1 1/4 halachic hours before sunset until...

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