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Tzedaka (tzih-dah-kah) — lit., Righteousness; as applied, it means charity
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Charity/Tzedaka: On What To Give
Introduction To Charity/Tzedaka: On What to Give
Introduction To CHARITY/TZEDAKA: ON WHAT TO GIVE Give charity on...
Charity/Tzedaka: What To Give
Buying Seforim To Pay Charity/Tzedaka
You may use  tzedaka   (ma'aser)  money to buy ...
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom
Charity/Tzedaka: To Whom: General Rules Charity: Family First...
Introduction to Charity/Tzedaka
Introduction to Charity/Tzedaka
The Torah requires everyone to give charity ( tzedaka ), and even...
Charity/Tzedaka: By When To Give
Charity/Tzedaka Should Be Paid by Third Jewish Festival
Charit y/tzedaka should be paid by the third Jewish festival (...
Charity/Tzedaka: Normal Donation
Charity at 10% After Taxes
You must give 10% of your net, after-tax income  or received...

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