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Takana; Takanat chachamim (tah-kah-nah; tah-kah-naht chah-chah-meem) — lit., New rule instituted by the Sages
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Remembering Amaleik
All Jews, both men and women, must fulfill the commandment to remember...
Chol HaMoed: Shaving and Hair Cuts
Shaving/Hair Cuts and Jewish Festivals
You should not shave or cut your hair on chol ha’moed....
Chol HaMoed: Laundry
Laundry before Jewish Festivals
You should not do laundry on chol ha’moed. Reason Due...
Introduction to Taste (Ta'am) Transfer
Introduction to Taste (Ta'am) Transfer
Gender/Kashrut Status Transfer Foods and kitchenware (pots, pans,...
Kashrut: Cheese
Kashrut: Cheese: Jew at Time of Rennet
Cheese/ Gvinas Akum   Gvinas akum is cheese which has...

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