When To Pause or Join Minyan: General Prayer Services

Here is when to pause or join the minyan during general prayer services:
  • Ashrei
 You do not need to interrupt your prayers to join the minyan for ashrei.
  • Torah Reading 
 If you are saying the amida, pause only during the actual Torah reading, not during
 the blessings.
  • Kaddish
           During kaddish, you must pause in your amida until the prayer leader finishes the
 line of da'amiran b'alma....  
  • Alenu
  If the minyan says alenu and you are at a part of the prayer service at which you
  are permitted to interrupt, you may join them.
Note It is a proper practice to say alenu with the congregation, even if you have already finished that prayer service.
Reason If you don't, it seems as if you are not accepting ol malchut shamayim.
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