Fore-Blessing: Bread-Like Crackers

Fore-blessing for Ryvita and other bread-like crackers :
  • Ha'motzi if they are normally eaten as a meal —even if you eat only a small amount.  The after-blessing is birkat ha'mazon as long as you ate at least 1.3 fl. oz. (39 ml, or 1/6 cup) within four minutes.
    Note If you ate less than 1.3 fl. oz. or took more than 4 minutes, do not say any after-blessing.
  • Borei minei mezonot if normally eaten as a snack (after-blessing: al ha'michya) .
Situation Crackers are normally eaten as a snack, but YOU eat it as part of a meal.
What To Do Say ha'motzi (after-blessing, birkat ha'mazon).
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