Jewish Festivals: Transportation
  • Non-Jew Driven Vehicle before Dark Starting Jewish Festival
    You may continue riding in a car or taxi driven by a non-Jew between sunset and dark (tzeit ha'kochavim) beginning a Jewish festival, even if the vehicle is driven just for you. You:
    • May not do this on Shabbat.
    • Must have already paid before sunset. 
    • May not open a door that will cause a light to turn on or do any other melachot.
    • If you have already traveled outside techum, you may move only 4 amot (85” or 116 cm) away from the vehicle, unless the driver leaves you off in an enclosed domain (any area surrounded by walls or an eruv), in which case you may go anywhere in that domain.
    • If you had not gone outside of techum, you may go anywhere in the domain and you may also go up to 2000 amot (3,542 ft. or 1,080 m) outside of the domain.
    Note Since this is a d'oraita case, we use a smaller measurement for ama--21 ¼” (54 cm).