Welcome to PRACTICAL HALACHA — a guide to performing halachot correctly. Here you'll find clear halachot, simple to understand and follow — whether you are Jewishly learned, a beginner, or not Jewish.

Letter of Approbation from Rabbi Moshe Heineman

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This website can help when:
  • A well-informed rabbi is not available to answer your questions, such as just before Shabbat or Jewish festivals, late at night, or when you are in a remote place with no rabbi to consult.
  • Your question requires expert knowledge beyond that of your local rabbi.
  • You need to know the "Bottom Line." These concise halachot tell you what to do and what not to do (unlike many books on halacha, in which you may find multiple--even conflicting--halachic opinions and, after hours of searching, still do not know what to do!).
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Rock Climbing on Shabbat?
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Q: Must a guy wear tzitzit on a flying trapeze?
Q: May you rock climb on Shabbat?