Letter of Approbation from Rabbi Heineman

English paraphrase of letter of approbation

I hereby declare to the public my praise for the book, "Practical Halacha" by my dear friend, Richard Aiken. Practical Halacha is a collection of halachot which I have taught to Richard over the past 30+ years. Richard has organized the halachot according to their categories so that it will be easy for anyone, even people who are not talmidei chachamim (Jewishly learned), to know what to do in many real life situations.

In my review of these halachot in the printed (book) version of Practical Halacha, I found that what is written is correct and true and follow halacha and are exactly what I taught Richard. May it be Hashem's will that Practical Halacha becomes useful to many Jews and that Hashem will protect us from any misuse or deviations from His Torah and that Hashem will bless the author, Richard Aiken, with all good things and with success in whatever good activities he pursues.

Therefore, on this 2nd day of the week of parshat 'and the children of Israel did what he commanded', which is the 27th day of Nisan, 5774 on our calendar, I am signing this document.
Rabbi Moshe Heinemann.