About Richard Aiken

I hope you find Practical Halacha useful, helpful and educational...and practical!

Here is some info about myself:


Business Background

I graduated from dental school and practiced briefly. I then became an entrepreneur, including several ventures and occupations in the travel industry: owning some travel agencies; working as a travel writer and photographer for several magazines; and helping start a travel software company.   From these businesses, I saved enough so that I can spend my time pursuing my hobbies and also funding Practical Halacha! 

Interests and Hobbies

I love the excitement of travel and have traveled in more than 120 countries.When I am traveling, I feel the beauty of nature and connection to the diverse people I meet. I am at my most creative and open when 'on the road' and I do my best photography and writing then. What I have learned in my travels, I try to use in my daily life and in my interactions with people: how to listen to other people without putting my values and attitudes on what I hear; how to deal with people who are different from myself and from people whom I know--and to learn from their different life experiences.

Adventure sports, Judaism, and reading also add fun and purpose to my life.
Adventure sports give me excitement, focus, and challenge.
Judaism gives me a sense of belonging to a community, connectedness to Hashem, and connection to other Jews.
Reading can carry me to different worlds, where I can feel and think in different ways from in my normal life.

Richard Hobbies


My friends consider me to be loyal, supportive, and a good listener.  Seeing my appeal to children, people have called me a "kid magnet." I am looking for a wife who is warm, intelligent, vivacious, cheerful, healthy and fit in mind and body, and who is interested in having children. Together with my wife, I want to create a home that is supportive for both spouses and for children and that is filled with love, warmth, consideration, respect, and appreciation.

If you are (or know of) a woman who might be interested in and of interest to me, please contact me at richard@practicalhalacha.com. Geographical location is not a problem or limitation.